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County Planning: facts and figures

Information relating to the monitoring of plan policies is collected regularly for publication in the monitoring report. This information not only allows the Hampshire Authorities to monitor trends in the demand for minerals and the need for waste facilities but also acts as an evidence base to support any changes in policy development and implementation.

A list of sites where planning permission has been granted for minerals and waste uses is updated regularly and available below (see the 'Sites List' tab).

The demand and supply of aggregates is also collected regularly on behalf of the South East England Aggregates Working Party (SEEAWP) for the South East Aggregates Monitoring Report and contributes to the Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA) that is published annually (both of these are also available on the tabs below).

Information about marine aggregate reserves is available from The Crown Estate.


Monitoring plays an important part in our work as it allows the Planning Authorities to plan, monitor and manage the mineral and waste resources in Hampshire. The information is collated, analysed and published in a Monitoring Report.
Key information that is recorded and published includes:

  • Primary aggregates reserves (Sharp Sand and Gravel, Soft Sand)
  • Aggregates recycled, marine dredged, quarried and imported by rail
  • Waste diverted from landfill via recycling, composting, recovery
  • Waste capacity (permitted and installed)
  • Renewable energy (from waste products)

The Minerals & Waste Monitoring Report

Latest report (changed to calendar year format):

2016 Monitoring Report for Minerals & Waste in Hampshire  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 922kB

Previous reports:

Should you wish to buy a copy please contact us and we will supply you one in the post. The cost for doing so is £20.(including VAT, postage and packaging)


Minerals and Waste Sites List

The document below details the minerals and waste sites in Hampshire, it includes:

  • information on site activities;
  • whether any new planning permissions have been granted for minerals and waste uses;
  • whether there has been a change from a site being active to inactive; or
  • if the site has been completed and whether it is in restoration or aftercare

Full list:

Hampshire Minerals and Waste Sites and Safeguarding Dec 2014  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 694kB

Per authority:


Local Aggregate Assessment

The purpose of the Hampshire Local Aggregate Assessment (LAA) is to detail the current and future situation in Hampshire with respect to all aspects of aggregate supply, in particular with regards to the county’s land-won aggregate apportionment level up to 2030.

Updated annually, the LAA covers the following areas:

  • Aggregates in Hampshire;

  • Total Aggregate Supply;

  • Future Aggregate Supply, Demand, Opportunities and Constraints;

  • Hampshire’s Local Approach; and

  • Conclusions and review of the Local Aggregate Assessment.

Latest report:

Previous reports:


South East England Aggregates Monitoring Report

The Aggregates Monitoring (AM) Report for the South East has been prepared from returns made by quarry, wharf and rail depot operators to Mineral Planning Authorities (MPAs) or the Area Working Party (AWP) Secretary.

The report also includes information on recycling and alternative materials data together with a record of how applications have been determined, withdrawn or remain undetermined at the end of each calendar year. Where possible, trend comparisons are made with previous AM reports.

Read the latest SE AM Report  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 1MB

The South East England AWP (SEEAWP) meet quarterly to discuss issues to do with land-won and marine won aggregates.