Strategic Planning

Safeguarding – mineral resources, minerals and waste infrastructure

Mineral resources

The Hampshire Minerals & Waste Plan  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 181MB (HMWP) sets out a Mineral Safeguarding Area (MSA) for Hampshire (see HMWP Policies Map). The MSA includes sharp sand and gravel, soft sand, silica sand and brick-making clay resources which are safeguarded to avoid needless sterilisation from other non minerals development. If a proposal to develop a site for non minerals uses includes a part of the MSA, this must be taken into consideration by applicants. The MSA is incorporated into the Minerals Consultation Area (MCA), which is regularly updated (see below for further information).

Minerals and waste infrastructure

Appendix C of the Hampshire Minerals & Waste Plan  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 181MB sets out a list of all safeguarded minerals and waste sites at the time of the Plan's adoption (October 2013). The list of safeguarded sites will be reviewed and updated regularly and published online at least annually in conjunction with the production of the Monitoring Report. The most up-to-date list of safeguarded mineral and waste infrastructure will be published online under the 'Sites List' tab on the Facts & Figures webpage.

Minerals Consultation Area

The Minerals Consultation Area sets out the safeguarded mineral resources, allocated minerals and waste sites as well as safeguarded minerals and waste infrastructure. The Hampshire Authorities provide regular updates of the Minerals Consultation Area to Hampshire’s District and Borough Councils. District and Borough Councils should use the Minerals Consultation Area to guide consultation with the relevant minerals and waste planning authority on local plan-making and decision making.

Online Policies Map

The MCA is available to view online, either as a:

Requests for Information

Hampshire County Council often receives requests for further information on mineral resources and minerals and waste infrastructure in a local area, largely in relation to housing or land searches. This information is available to view, for free, online (see information above on the MCA) or at the Hampshire County Council offices. From January 2014, Hampshire County Council will charge for the preparation and issuing of further information in relation to such requests (e.g. a map and any associated explanatory text). A fee of £47 (inclusive of VAT, packaging and postal costs) is chargeable. Payment should be made to Hampshire County Council either by cheque or by bank transfer (details available on request). Information will be distributed once payment has cleared.

Online minerals-related data and information (including an interactive mineral resources mapping) is available from the British Geological Survey (BGS) on their web Geographical Information System (GIS). Information available from the BGS also includes a series of mineral resource maps (at 1:100,000 scale) and reports, which are based upon County areas - see County Maps (including that for Hampshire, published in 2003) - and records of Borehole scans.

Hampshire County Council has prepared a series of FAQs on a number of minerals and waste topics and issues including safeguarding

Minerals and Waste Safeguarding Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Hampshire Authorities started preparing a SPD on minerals and waste safeguarding in 2013. The Hampshire Authorities are regularly engaging with District and Borough Councils and developers on the issue of safeguarding of mineral resources and minerals and waste infrastructure.

The SPD was adopted in February 2016 and now sits alongside the adopted Hampshire Minerals and Waste Plan (2013)  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 181MB, assisting in the implementation of the HMWP by providing further guidance on the implementation of the plan’s policies in relation to minerals and waste safeguarding.