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From 1 April 2011 the South Downs National Park Authority became responsible for all planning in the South Downs National Park. The Authority will deal with about 4,000 planning applications a year, making it the 8th largest planning authority in the country.  

In preparation for this the National Park Authority has invited the 15 Local Authorities, within the National Park, to provide the day to day planning services on its behalf. All 15 Local Authorities reached an agreement during the Summer of 2010, including Hampshire County Council, and a binding legal agreement was signed and completed in November 2010 committing all of the Local Authorities to work with the SDNPA towards delivering the planning service in this way.

What does this mean?

  • ·Each local planning authority will determine the bulk of the planning applications submitted within the National Park, under the agency agreement, and provide all the planning administration for the SDNPA. However, the SDNPA will determine most major applications, and retain overall policy control.

  • ·In practice it will mean that anyone wishing to make a small-scale planning application (e.g. to their home) would apply to their local planning authority, as normal.

How do I find out if I live within the South Downs National Park?

Please click on the following link Do I live in-the National Park? where you will be able to insert your postcode, and find out if your property, or application site, lies within the boundary of the South Downs National Park.

Where do I submit my planning applications after 1 April 2011?

  • ·If you live within the National Park boundary you should continue to submit your planning applications to Hampshire County Council in the normal way.

  • ·If you submit your application through the Planning Portal, this will be routed to Hampshire County Council who will deal with it on behalf of the SDNPA.  

Note regarding South Downs National Park Authority IT system for processing planning applications and other related works.

What happens next?

  • If the application is deemed ‘significant’ by the SDNPA then the application will be determined by a case officer at the SDNPA.  Guidelines on ‘significance’ can be found at the SDNPA Significance Details page. A list of applications that are being dealt with by officers at the SDNPA can be accessed from Called In Planning Applications.

  • In your area all other (that is, most) applications will be determined by Hampshire County Council, working in partnership with the SDNPA. These applications will be decided by the Hampshire County Council  planning committee, or planning officer, in accordance with local provisions for officer delegation.

  • All communications regarding a planning application (letters, emails, phone  calls) should be directed to Hampshire County Council, not the SDNPA.

How can I view applications that have been submitted to the South Downs National Park?

Please follow this link to the SDNPA Planning website, where you can search for planning applications that have been submitted from anywhere within the South Downs National Park boundary. You can search in a variety of different ways, including between specific dates, or within a specific local authority area, or for applications received and validated or decisions issued. You will be able to view the documents held for each planning application, as held on the Hampshire County Council website, and make comments (if the application is still open for receiving representations).

Downloadable planning application forms

If you wish to download a paper copy of the 1APP planning applications forms for submission to Hampshire County Council, working in partnership with the SDNPA, then please use the links below:

Planning Portal Registration

If you wish to apply electronically, then please use the Planning Portal


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