Minibuses for Schools

Driver training and the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MiDAS)

The MiDAS scheme helps improve minibus passenger safety by working with your organisation to improve the standard of minibus driving. It is  organised by Hampshire County Council and is available to all schools, colleges, voluntary organisations and council departments using minibuses in Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton

MiDAS will train someone within your organisation so they can assess other drivers’ competence in driving a minibus. It will  also train them in skills associated with driving and operating a minibus so that they can share this knowledge with other drivers. MiDAS also has an 'accessible module' that provides specialised training in operating a minibus which is accessible to people with disabilities.

Drivers assessed and trained through MiDAS will be able to drive vehicles of other MiDAS members without having their driving skills re-assessed.

Full details of the MiDAS scheme, see the Passenger Transport MiDAS web site.

The County Council is producing a new Minibus Operator’s Manual for members of the MiDAS scheme (to be available towards the end of 2009) and developing a parallel driver training programme for people who own and manage minibuses.

Driver being trained

For further information, contact:

Community Transport


Tel: 01962 846983

Passenger Transport MiDAS web site