Minibuses for Schools

Buy, lease or hire?

You can buy a new or used vehicle outright, lease a vehicle with an inclusive maintenance contact over a period of years or, if you only need the vehicle for a few hours to a few weeks, hire one.

Of course, if you buy a vehicle outright, you may still enter into a contract for maintenance or buy maintenance on an 'as required' basis.

The best arrangements for your school or college will depend on the precise specification for the vehicle and the requirements it is intended to satisfy. If you contact Hampshire Transport Management (HTM), the County Council’s specialist vehicle supply and maintenance unit, or another supplier, you will be able to obtain quotations based on those requirements to enable you to make the necessary financial assessment.

The table below provides some indicative prices only as a rough guide to assist your early planning. Don’t treat them other than as a guide, get a real quote from HTM. HTM are delighted to offer FREE MIDAS training to new customers who decide to lease a vehicle through them.

Indicative prices only
Purchase price of a 17-seat minibus From £21,000–£25,000
Monthly cost of a five year lease for a 17-seat minibus,
including full maintenance contract + FREE MIDAS.
Terms apply.
From £480
3-day hire of a 17-seat minibus From £70 per day

For more information, contact:

Hampshire Transport Management


Tel: 01962 873930