Minibuses for Schools

Section 19 (Small Bus) Permits

If you own or use a minibus and your passengers contribute to the cost of their journey in any way, you need a Small Bus Permit, commonly known as a Section 19 permit. In practice, most not-for-profit minibus owners or users will need a permit.

A permit allows you to carry groups of passengers, such as members of a club or scout group and their helpers or a school transporting children and teachers. Permits are issued to not-for-profit organisations concerned with either education, religion, social welfare, recreation or other activities for the benefit of the community.  

When operating under a Section 19 permit:

  • You may charge your passengers or accept donations
  • You may pay your drivers or use volunteers
  • You must maintain your minibus in a safe and roadworthy condition - and keep records of checks and servicing.

But you must not:

  • Make a profit - but can include depreciation and drivers’ wages in working out your costs
  • Run bus services for the general public - or advertise trips or excursions to the public. If you want to do this you need a different type of permit, a Section 22 or Community Bus Permit.

Full details are in the attached File: Factsheet-4-minibus-permits.pdf

Permits are issued free to Hampshire County Council schools by Community Transport


For further information, contact:

Community Transport


Tel: 01962 846983