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About myHantsweb

We want Hantsweb to be more useful to everyone who uses it. The aim of myHantsweb is to deliver Hantsweb information that is relevant to you.

This first release is based on the location you specify. In future we will want to improve this to allow you to select topics that interest you.

Help in using myHantsweb

  • Name: this can be anything you like: use a nickname, a code or even your own name;

  • Postcode: enter a postcode to find information based around that location (alternatively you could select a town: see below);

  • Town: rather than entering a postcode you can select a town from the list of main towns.

Once you have registered, a cookie will be stored on your computer that will remember your preferences. If this cookie is removed, or if you try to use myHantsweb from a different computer, then you will need to set your preferences again.

You can change your preferences at any point through the 'Change this page’ box.


Through the 'Change this page’ box, you can change all sorts of things:

  • change your location: pick a different location;

  • change banner image: choose a photo you like;

  • change colour scheme: select from a range of colours.

And you can:

  • change the order of information: you can 'drag and drop’ the boxes around the screen to be in your preferred order;

  • open/close boxes: if you want, you can minimize the boxes by closing them. This is done by clicking on the arrow next to the box title.

The cookie stored on your computer will remember these preferences for you the next time you visit myHantsweb.



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