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Professionals and Practitioners

Hampshire County Council OT Direct

Hampshire County Council employ their own Occupational Therapists (OT's) and you can contact OT Direct if you think that an OT may be able to help, and you wish to discuss your situation.

Whether you are a child, adult or older person who finds doing day to day things difficult, OT Direct are there to help you become as independent and safe as possible in your daily activities.

You will be able to speak with someone trained to give you specialist advice about the difficulties you are having. If there is a simple piece of equipment that could help you, they will give you details. There are some pieces of equipment that they may be able to supply for you or your family to fit yourselves.

However, if the help you need is more complex and you meet our eligibility criteria, they will arrange for a referral to be sent to your local Occupational Therapy team.


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