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Professionals and Practitioners

Customer care and complaints

Hampshire County Council is committed to providing the best possible services for people living in Hampshire. By telling us what you think about our services, you can help us to continue to improve and make sure we correct any mistakes as quickly as possible. You will not be putting your rights to services at risk, so don’t be afraid to tell us what you think or what has gone wrong.

Making a complaint

Complaining can seem difficult, and some people worry that it might make matters worse, but by telling us, you can help us to help you. Although it may not always be possible to provide everything you want, by knowing about your complaints we can work together to try and put things right.

It is important that you let us know of your complaint as soon as it arises so it can be dealt with promptly. We may not be able to consider complaints made after one year of the event that gives reason for the complaint.

If additional support is needed to help you make your complaint, we will make sure that you get this. Contact the Information and Complaints team for more information.

Compliments, comments and concerns

If you are happy with any part of the service you receive, then please tell us. Our staff can’t accept gifts, but if you want to recognise their work or to say thank you, then you can contact us as above, and we will record your views, and pass them on to the people involved.

If you have any concerns over any aspect of our services, or you wish to make any comments or suggestions on how we can improve, then please use the online form above

What you can expect from Adult Services

Our approach is about listening, responding and improving. By listening to your experiences, we can resolve mistakes faster, learn new ways to improve, and hopefully prevent the same problems from happening in the future.

By listening to people about their experiences, we can resolve mistakes faster, and can learn or develop new ways to make improvements to our services.

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