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Staying at home

Staying at home

If you feel that you can no longer cope on your own and need help with day to day tasks in your home there are services to help you.

home help searchSearch for help at home
Services that can provide that little bit of help you need at home

houseworkChoosing the right home help services
Be sure to find a high quality home care service with trained staff

paying for help at homePaying for help at home
The costs involved and whether you can get any financial help

going into hospitalGoing into and leaving hospital
Prepare for a hospital admittance and discharge

Purple flowersHome and garden maintenance
Practical suggestions to help you continue to live independently

swivel batherEquipment and adaptations
Equipment and adaptations that can make your life at home easier and safer

Emergency help

Household emergency help

Including energy advice and help with electrical, gas and water problems

Safety and securitySafety and security
Keeping safe from strangers, smoke & carbon monoxide poisoning and hazards in the home

housingOther housing choices
Move to accommodation that is designed to meet your needs


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  • Find local activities or services - chat to volunteers at OPAL, or ask them to visit you at your home to help you find the local information you want

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