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Staying at home

Choosing the right home help services

When you contact a home care service make sure that it offers a high quality service, with trained staff who can provide the care you want. You should be specific about the kind of help you need - and do not hesitate to ask questions.

It is important that you know exactly what to expect, how much you will be paying and what for, and that you have confidence that the people who will be visiting your home are capable of providing what you need.

home help searchSearch for help at home
Find services that can provide that little bit of help you need at home

meals on wheelsOrdering meal deliveries and Meals on Wheels
Options you could choose to make mealtimes easier

questions to askBuying help at home support
Questions to ask about staffing issues and charges

BathroomAssisted bathing
For older people who are unable to use facilities in their own homes

legal employment issuesEmploying someone yourself
Legal issues you might need to consider

employment essentialsYour responsibilities as an employer
Your responsibilities and the employment the process

buy with confidenceBuy with confidence
Find traders you can trust


Personal care from domiciliary care agencies

  • Recording time Hampshire County Council arranged carers spend with you

Afternoon tea

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