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Transition pathway to adulthood

The transition process

From the start of the transition process, all agencies have a responsibility to work together but the lead professional / key worker coordinates the transition process. The school, health professionals, transition social worker, and any other agency involved will work in partnership with the young person and family to agree how they prepare for the process of transition planning and how the young person will be supported to have a lead voice in transition plans and reviews.

The specific responsibilities of each agency contribute to the comprehensive support a young person requires.

The Transition Pathway Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 886kb gives a step by step introduction to the Transition process.

The teams involved

Planning transition services

Young people and their families are supported to think about future plans by the professionals and other people working directly with them.

Everyone involved in ensuring that transition is successful, work closely together to agree transition plans with the young person and their family and ensure that each part of the plan is in place in good time.  Some young people may have a number of people supporting them whilst others may only have one or two, depending on their needs.

Local multi agency meetings are held regularly to ensure that everyone involved with transition in that area is aware of the young people who will need support in making transition plans. These meetings also gather information about future needs to help inform planning and commissioning of services.

The Transition Board takes a high level view of transition and has representatives from a range of agencies and groups who are involved in transition in Hampshire.  Information from individual transition plans and multi agency transition meetings provide the board with an overview of young persons’ needs as they move toward adulthood, this information helps inform commissioning of services and strategic planning for the future.


Transition pathway

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