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Going into and leaving hospital

What treatment can I expect from the hospital staff?

The clinical staff in the hospital are there to make sure that you are well looked after and you get the treatment you need.

There are also some standards which NHS hospitals are required to meet. The hospital staff must:

If you are not happy with the care or treatment you've received or you've been refused treatment for a condition, you have the right to complain, have your complaint investigated, and be given a full and prompt reply.

The NHS Constitution explains your rights when it comes to making a complaint.

For information on when you can be treated without your consent, see the NHS seeking consent pages

Patient advice services

Patient advice is available in all main hospitals although the name of the service may differ (eg Patient Advice and Liaison Services(PALS), Patient Support Service, Care UK).

The service provides confidential advice and support to anyone who has worries or concerns about healthcare.


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