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Financial help and advice

Personal Budgets for care at home services

Hampshire Adult Services needs to approve the Support Plan you have made with your social worker, family or friends setting out how you want the money to be spent to meet your social care at home needs. We will then agree on the amount of money needed to meet your needs. This is called your Personal Budget.

Depending on your financial circumstances you may need to pay something towards your Personal Budget. This is called your chargeable Personal Budget (or cPB) and you will need a financial assessment to work out how much you and the Council will each pay.

Your social worker will arrange a visit from the FAB (Financial Assessments and Benefits) team who will carry out the financial assessment. to work out your maximum weekly contribution.

Making a contribution to your Personal Budget

Once your financial assessment has been completed we will let you know the weekly amount you need to pay towards the cost of your care at home. This will be the lower of either:

Example 1: Your maximum contribution is ‘nil’

Example 2: Your cPB is more than your maximum contribution

Example 3: Your maximum contribution is more than your cPB

You can still decide to provide all the money if you wish.

If you need to pay towards your cPB, we will ask you to pay the same amount each month, preferably through a monthly Direct Debit from your bank account.

If, as a result of your financial assessment, the Council will fund some of your services, you can choose to receive this money as a Direct Payment in order to arrange and pay for your services yourself. Our social worker can explain more about this. If you prefer, you can ask your social worker to organise services for you using the money.

How and when do I start paying?

If you need to pay anything it will really help if you can pay monthly by Direct Debit. If not there are a number of different ways to pay, to suit your circumstances and preferences:

A relative or friend can do this on your behalf if you want them to. You will get a receipt each time you make a payment and there is no charge for using the card.


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