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Direct Payments

Direct Payments is money paid by Hampshire County Council to individuals over 16 or carers eligible to receive social care services. It enables people to have greater choice, control and flexibility as to how their care needs are met, allowing people to live more independent lives.

You can receive Direct Payments as an alternative to receiving services from Adult Services which we arrange for you. Direct Payments is not a benefit, nor will it affect any benefits you currently receive. It is not counted as taxable income.

How can they be used?

Direct Payments can be used for

How can I get Direct Payments?

If you already receive care from Adult Services or are a carer of someone who does, you should contact your social worker directly who can discuss Direct Payments with you further.

If you do not currently receive care from Adult Services, but feel that you would like to find out whether you are eligible to do so please contact Adult Services

What support is available?

If you are already receiving Direct Payments you may find the following links helpful, however if you want to make any changes to your support you should contact your social worker.


Complete the survey

If you are in receipt of a Direct Payment please take some time to complete the online
Hampshire Direct Payment Survey

Contact us

To find out more about Direct Payments please contact Adult Services.

Telephone: 0300 555 1386


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