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Adult Services

Help for people who do not live in Hampshire

Hampshire County Council is responsible for providing services to people who are ordinarily resident in Hampshire - for example, people who are on the electoral register at a Hampshire address, or who pay Council Tax in Hampshire.

Some homes near the county boundary may have Hampshire postal addresses, but not be in Hampshire - or may have a postal address in a neighbouring county, but actually be in Hampshire.  The easiest way to work out which local authority is responsible for your area is to check your Council Tax bill.

Hampshire County Council is not responsible for providing services to people who live in Portsmouth or Southampton. If you pay your council tax to Portsmouth or Southampton City Councils, please contact the City Council to request care services.

If you are a Hampshire resident and need help for a relative who does not live in Hampshire, you should contact the local authority for the area where your relative lives.

If you have a relative visiting you who normally lives outside Hampshire, we can offer help in cases of genuine emergency.


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