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Personalisation is the vision for the future of social care. It means moving away from traditional social care where people were fitted into a limited set of available statutory services. The emphasis is now placed on the individual’s dignity and involves considering a person as an individual with aspirations, as well as needs, a circle of family, friends and other resources and support mechanisms around them.

Personalisation introduces the requirement for greater personal responsibility with choice, control and power for people to use their own resources, as well as those available through statutory and other services, to meet their needs in the best way possible.

In 2008 The Commission of Inquiry into the future services for adults in need of support and care was set up to discuss openly the question of future care for our growing elderly population and how it might be funded

The Commission sought to understand what ‘personalisation’ meant for individuals and the impact of implementation on all those who were involved in support and care.

Drawing on the work of the Commissioners, Hampshire County Council submitted evidence to the government consultation at the end of November 2008. The report from the Commission received national acclaim and was to inform and influence the Government’s forthcoming Green Paper and legislation on the future of adult social care

The report made national recommendations and proposed local innovative solutions for the people of Hampshire. The report called for:

For the 2008 The Commission of Inquiry into the future services for adults in need of support and care final report and recommendations please contact



Getting Personal: a fair deal for better care and support - the report on the proposed future model of Adult Social Care in Hampshire

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