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Hampshire Museums

Hazard Information

Aldershot Military Museum is a Hampshire Cultural Trust and therefore operates within the Hampshire Cultural Trust's rigorous Health and Safety Policies.

All activities for visiting school pupils and the resources used in these activities are risk assessed.

Aldershot Military Museum is on Aldershot’s Queens Avenue, in the military area of the town. If you are using a coach, your driver will drive into our car park and drop you off there or directly outside the gate. You won’t have to cross the road. Please be aware of stationary and moving vehicles within the car park.

Aldershot Military Museum has several buildings:

All our buildings have ramp access to the entrances where necessary and are on one floor.

The museum is open to the public, and adult helpers should be aware of this.

There are toilets in the John Reed Gallery and the Boyce Building.

Facilitated sessions are run in either the Galleries or the Boyce Building.

If you have booked a facilitated session, your Interpreter-Demonstrator will oversee your activities, including ensuring everyone in your group is aware of the handling rules.

Handling rules – your Interpreter-Demonstrator will explain why visitors aren’t able to handle everything in our museums. They will also ask that everyone (adults and pupils alike) take care when handling our collections by :

  1. only handling one object at a time
  2. using two hands with each object.

It’s advisable to wash your hands before you arrive at the Museum for a session and again before you eat anything if you have handled museum collections.

Your Interpreter-Demonstrator will introduce the building to you and will advise you what to do if you hear an alarm during your visit.

Please note that responsibility for pupils and their behaviour remains with teachers/accompanying adults at all times.


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