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Hampshire Museums

Archaeology Collections

What do we have?

We look after excavation and fieldwork archives from the county, but not the city areas of Winchester, Southampton and Portsmouth.

Our single largest archive is the Danebury collection, but there are many other substantial collections from sites like Basing House. Odiham Castle and Rockbourne Roman villa, and towns like Andover, Alton and Basingstoke. We also hold many ‘stray finds’, including items reported under the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

Well-represented are

Site specific paper records and archives from 'rescue' and research excavations and watching briefs. The archives include material from occupation and other sites from the Upper Palaeolithic to Victorian times.

Stray finds and early collections including

Why do we have them?

Some of the collections are on long-term display in our museums, to help illustrate and interpret the early history of a particular area.The remainder are housed in our stores where they are available for research and reference purposes.

How do you get to see them?

There are substantial displays of archaeology at Alton, Andover, Basing House, Basingstoke, Christchurch and Rockbourne Roman villa. Anyone wishing to examine the archives, or museum-based material, can do so by prior appointment. Documentation of the collections is still in progress but many archives have been catalogued by the excavators.



Researchers and specialist groups can look at the collections in store at Chilcomb House by prior appointment.

Banner image: Bronze Age swords from the Blackmoor hoard

Robin Bendrey examines Iron Age horse bones from the Danebury archive

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