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Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Educational resources


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A Face in the Crowd

Our new double DVD looks at historic and community events across Hampshire 1900-1960.


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School Life in film & photographs

Archive film footage and photographs portraying school life in the 1940s, 50s and 60s.


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Women in the 20th Century

A compilation of still and moving images offering a fascinating insight into women’s history between 1914 and the 1950s.

All DVDs include teachers’ notes in pdf on the DVD-ROM portion of the disc.


Education Service publications

Sources for Archaeology and Population Studies

This publication opens up a wide range of archival sources through three case-studies based upon rural, urban and industrial sites. The mystery behind the deserted medieval village of Chineham (part of modern Basingstoke) is revealed, as is the history of one of Winchester's oldest domestic buildings. The third case-study focuses on Hampshire's forgotten industrial heritage, ironworking, and the role played by Henry Cort in the industrial revolution. Suitable for Key Stage 4 and over-16s.
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