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Hampshire Archives and Local Studies

Gifts and deposits

We are grateful to all the people who have passed their archives to the safekeeping of Hampshire Archives and Local Studies.

You can pass archives to us by gift or deposit

We are always delighted to be offered documents relating to Hampshire or Hampshire people, or information concerning the whereabouts of such documents. We follow our collecting policy guidelines when deciding which documents to accept.

Our collecting policy is very detailed but some of the main points are as follows

Digital archives

We also accept digital archives. These can be either born digital, i.e. created electronically, which includes text, spreadsheets, databases and digital photographs, or digital surrogates, e.g. scans of older photographs. As it is more complex to preserve digital material than paper and parchment, we would prefer you to deposit original items rather than digital surrogates, where possible.


How we care for our collections

  • stored in temperature and humidity controlled strong rooms
  • protected by fire and intruder alarms
  • catalogued and indexed
  • made available to the public, as appropriate
  • conserved, as appropriate within the overall conservation programme

Contact information

Sussex Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8TH
tel 01962 846154, fax 01962 878681
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