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Technical Specifications


The Ashcroft has a variety of lighting equipment available for your use during your show or hiring. We recommend contacting our technical manager with any specific requirements to ensure we can accommodate you.

Please be aware if you're bringing your own lighting equipment we will need to see the PAT certificate for any appliances used and that the ashcroft has 5 amp sockets meaning you will need to bring converters. The Ashcroft only has a limited supply.

Please also bear in mind that we have a maximum load of 60 amps and 24 channels of dimming.


For theatre use in control box. we have a 12 channel sound desk with 3 band EQ per channel. we have CD playback as well as QLAB running on a mac mini.

For music events we have a 24 channel desk with 4 monitor mixes. a 32 band graphic EQ for the main mix and 16 band EQ for each monitor mix.

We stock a selection of SM57s, SM58s and instrument mics but please get in touch with your specific requirements


We have a full width front project screen and a smaller front project screen. Both are at fixed points in the theatre.

We have a 3000 lumen projector with VGA, DVI & composite inputs.

We have a mac mini running QLAB feeding signal to the projector


Additional technical information


James Jones
Technical Manager

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