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Landscape Planning and Heritage

Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation in Hampshire (SINCs)

Hampshire has a wealth of wildlife habitats including heathland, ancient woodland, chalk rivers, old meadows, wetlands and coastal habitats.

Some of the most important sites in the county are already protected by international or national designations such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs). However, a large number of other sites are also important for wildlife.

Many contain habitats or features that cannot be recreated and it is important to ensure that these sites are not lost and that they continue to be managed for their wildlife interest.

To help safeguard these sites for the future, they are being identified and recorded as Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINCs). SINCs represent a legacy of good management and rely upon continued stewardship by landowners and managers.  

Together with designated sites such as SSSIs, SINCs form a vital component of the biodiversity of Hampshire.

A guidance note to help raise awareness of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation is available for download:


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