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Landscape Planning and Heritage

Defining a data request


HBIC is committed to saving paper by providing all data by e-mail wherever possible and is working to ensure that the file sizes is not a constraint. Maps will be sent as PDF documents and species lists and accompanying information will be sent as Word or PDF documents. GIS Shapefiles can also be provided, an OS Licence may be needed for some products. If necessary, however, HBIC can supply data by post - please indicate your preference on the form.

Within Hampshire?

At present HBIC are only able to provide information for Hampshire. If your search area spans the county boundary you will need to contact the neighbouring local records centre for information, see Map and contact details. There is currently no arrangement for discounts or any data provision across county boundaries.

Search area

A request can be made for any area specified either as:

Further details of the data held by HBIC and a list of contacts for other sources of information in Hampshire are available from the links below:

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