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Blue Badge

Apply for a Blue Badge

Incomplete applications will be sent back to you for completion. We are doing this so we can process your application more efficiently.

You can apply for a Blue Badge on behalf of someone else.

Before you apply you will need the following:

Depending on whether you need to attend a face to face assessment or not, you should receive your badge within four to eight weeks of us receiving your application form.

If you receive your new badge before the current badge's expiry date, it is only valid from the start date appearing on the badge.

If your mobility problem is intermittent i.e. you have good and bad days, then please describe your average day when filling out the application.


Contact the Blue Badge Unit

Blue Badge
PO Box 696
PO14 9PD

Phone: 0300 555 1376

Requesting a review of a decision after your independent mobility assessment

If you would like to request a review because your application has been refused, after your independent mobility assessment, please contact the Blue Badge Unit.

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