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Hampshire broadband programme

Hampshire's programme of improvement

The current situation with broadband in Hampshire

In Hampshire it is estimated that only 80% of the county will be able to access faster broadband speeds by the end of 2014 through the commercial market and further investment is needed to reach more people.

A three year programme of improvements

It will take time to bring faster broadband to everyone in Hampshire. The initial broadband project will be phased over three years. BT was appointed as the commercial partner in March 2013. We are working with them to draw up detailed plans for those areas that fall into the programme intervention area. Hampshire County Council is already starting to draw up plans to deliver superfast broadband to at least 95% of the county by the end of 2017.

What factors will influence the roll out schedule?

The roll out schedule is based upon the best use of public funds and will be co-ordinated with other local utility and road works to bring the least possible disruption to communities. Public demand will also be important in planning the delivery, since this will help fund ongoing investment in network infrastructure. Please help by joining our campaign for faster broadband in Hampshire

What about areas with really poor coverage?

The Hampshire Superfast Broadband Programme will ensure that all premises will be able to access a minimum speed of 2Mbps by the end of 2015.

Become a community champion

Everyone can play an active part supporting the campaign. Community champions can help educate and inform people about the benefits that faster broadband can bring. They can also encourage individuals and businesses in their area to sign up to Hampshire County Council’s campaign, Let us know if you would like to be a community champion.


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