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Sell Your Services to Europe

Making life easier for business - in Hampshire, the UK or anywhere in Europe

Hampshire County Council is part of the EUGO network, making it easier for service businesses to trade anywhere in the European Union. Following the introduction of the EU Services Directive in 2009, companies in the service industry can now:

Electronic licence applications and the Point of Single Contact

Local authorities in all EU countries are now required to offer fully-electronic application processes for a wide range of licences and permits. Each country also has a "Point of Single Contact" - a website where you can find out what licences your business needs to trade anywhere in that country, and how to apply for them.

The Point of Single Contact for the UK is the UK Welcome website, and it should be your starting point for information about licences and regulations. If you're thinking of setting up business in Hampshire, UK Welcome can help you apply electronically for any licences and permits you might need.

If you are a Hampshire business planning to expand elsewhere in the UK, UK Welcome can also help you get any licences you might need to do business in other local authority areas. If you want to expand into Europe, the EUGO website will help you find the equivalent 'Points of Single Contact' for other EU countries.

Reducing barriers to trade

All EU countries are removing or amending regulatory and administrative barriers that make it difficult to trade across borders e.g. requirements based on nationality.

Greater co-operation between regulatory authorities.

Once you've supplied information to a UK regulator you should not need to supply the same information to the equivalent regulator in another EU country.

More customers for your services

Customers will have greater confidence in cross-border trade, through assured access to information on services and to redress procedures. This will require businesses to supply a certain level of information to clients, but it will be the sort of information many already provide.

Your responsibilities as a business

The EU Services Directive also placed new requirements on service businesses. These relate to the information you publish about your business and the way you handle complaints. These are legal requirements under UK law. For more information see the Guidance for Businesses PDF from the Department of Business, Industry and Skills (BIS).

For more information about the EU Services Directive and what it means for your business, see the EUGO website.


Part of the EUGO network

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