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Future Jobs Fund

The scheme is due to close shortly due to cutbacks in funding by the Department of Work and Pensions but has been very successful.

'New Jobs, New Futures' is an innovative consortium project covering the Hampshire and Isle of Wight sub-region, led by Hampshire County Council, and supported by North Hampshire Economic Board. Partners include Portsmouth City Council on behalf of Urban South Hampshire (PUSH) and the Isle of Wight, and third sector organisations. The total grant awarded by the Department for Work and Pensions' Future Jobs Fund is £5,850,000.

A recognised priority within the area is long term unemployed young people (18-24) and so this project identified 900 jobs covering a variety of disciplines that these young people could fill.   The project delivered significant benefits to both the Futures Jobs Fund employees and the organisations in which they have been placed.  Employees have received a range of benefits including personal development, vocational training, mentoring, job search and support to progress into permanent employment.  The employing organisations have been enabled to deliver community focused projects thanks to the additional funding through and young people’s contribution.

The 900 jobs created by the New Jobs, New Futures project have been in the Hampshire County Council area consisting of 11 districts, the cities of Portsmouth and Southampton and the Isle of Wight. With its rural, urban and coastal zones this sub-region affords a diverse range of industries. The consortium has seen 29 partners creating job opportunities across a wide geographic area delivering a variety of community benefits, fitting broadly into the following categories:


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