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Feedback from Future Jobs Fund employees about their placements


Having spent two months out of unemployment I was eager to find employment. I initially decided to take on the role of Disability Information Coordinator at Winchester City Council , as it appealed to me as disabilities had played a huge role in my life and had brought me, to some extent to where I am today and the sort of person I am. Thus when the opportunity of this job arose I was keen to grab it with both hands.

Two months down the line I am still enjoying the opportunity that I have been given. The job role has proved to be challenging, yet rewarding. The variety of different tasks and challenges through the job are very appealing. Even though most of the work I do is done alone, there is always someone to chat to when I need advice or guidance. This has been made easier due to all my colleagues making me feel welcome.

The length of my contract is only short, but I feel I have been given a great opportunity. Each day I am learning new skills, which I hope to use in the future. Through learning these skills, I am able to use them to help me with my role. Thus through the remainder of my contract I am determined to leave my mark and help to make Winchester more accessible for all. This I hope to be able to see for years to come.


Before I got on the FJF scheme I was claiming job seekers allowance and didn’t really have a interest in working. When the job centre put me on the FJF scheme and I applied for the administrator assistant job at Open Sight I didn’t think I was going to get an interview, however when I got the interview they were really impressed and gave me a chance. A few days later Open Sight phoned me and told me I got the job, I then jumped for joy and was really exited, then when I started everyone at Open Sight was really nice and kind to me, I fitted in straight Away. Whilst working at Open Sight I have gained more experience, friends and confidence, I have really enjoyed working for Open Sight and will really miss working for them when I leave.


I am really enjoying my time here. The staff are really helpful and polite. It’s a busy environment which I like because the customers are always thankful for your help. They have made me feel welcome and always say hello and ask how I am when they see me around the park.


Whilst working at Staunton park I’ve gained more confidence then I could imagine.

I enjoy my fast paced diverse job role and no two days are ever the same. The work team are very friendly and this experience has really put things in perspective for me regarding what I want to do for my career in the future .


“Enjoyable mix of work, mainly outside as part of a team, learned some new basic skills including woodworking, fence erecting and painting. Sense of achievement of work done, (I even take my own photos). Over the last two days I have been working with other chaps from Hampshire at erecting a polytunnel greenhouse for use by a local group of disabled people.

I have enjoyed my time so far (even working in the rain) and am looking forward to some sunshine. I am glad I was able to secure this appointment under the Future Jobs Fund.”


I'm tired, it’s a lot of hard work.  However, I am enjoying my time here, and I am learning a great deal.  I’m very thankful to have the position here and hope that I can either extend my contract here at Blackwater Valley Countryside or find work in a similar role because this is what I expected the job to be like and it is now what I would like to do full time.”


I am enjoying being in work, I enjoy getting out of the house and being in a different place. I like the variety of each day being different.

I can see now that working life is busier and sometimes harder than I thought it would be but I am enjoying having to learn new things.

I have had to fit in with different people and I am improving my communication skills as I have to talk to a lot of different people in the college to get some of the jobs done.

Being at work has improved my confidence, I have to approach lots of different people and ask questions and I am finding this easier now than when I started. The way jobs have been taught to me whilst I am doing them has helped me to learn. I like having a structure to my time which I get at work.


I first started work for Rushmoor Borough Council on the 18th of January and since then I have had an enjoyable time working with everyone.

I was very nervous before starting the job but everyone at the office was so nice to work with that I instantly relaxed and felt at home. Everyone has a positive attitude to his or her work, which has inspired me to become more confident in myself.

In my opinion, the Future Jobs Fund scheme is a brilliant idea for people who are finding it hard to get back to work and I would recommend it to anyone that was in my position before starting this job.


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