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Carbon Management

How we are cutting our carbon footprint

What was the carbon footprint at the start of the plan?

Carbon emissions recorded in the financial year 2008/09 are the ‘baseline’. That year the County Council’s CO2 emissions totalled 131,800 tonnes.

Where do the emissions come from?

The County Council’s carbon emissions come from:

What is the County Council doing?

The County Council has a number of projects underway to reduce its carbon emissions. To achieve the planned 20% reduction by 2015, the County Council is:

What about schools?

Schools are the biggest source of emissions – 60% of the County Council’s total footprint. For this reason, school staff and pupils are also helping to reduce carbon. The improvements to buildings, energy monitoring, ICT and carbon-friendly behaviour are all things that schools are taking an active part in. Find out more at School Energy Matters.


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