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Children's Services

Research and Evaluation Unit

The unit consists of three psychology research associates (PRAs; Maria Traill, Dr Cara Osborne and Dr Amy Warhurst) managed by Dr Roger Norgate (consultant educational psychologist). To find out more about us, go to the meet the team pages. The main purpose of this unit is to carry out research relevant to Children’s Services, helping to provide evidence to inform best practice.

Researching current and future practice can have many benefits. It can help to establish what works and how well; the views of those delivering or receiving a service; and the benefits of one approach compared with another. It can also help decision making by finding out what others are doing, and how well it is working for them. Overall, research can:

Find out more about the type of work we undertake.

If you are interested in commissioning us to carry out work for you, you can contact us at:

The Research & Evaluation Unit,
Clarendon House, Monarch Way,
SO22 5PW

Tel: 01962 876233


Please visit the HEP website for further information about the Hampshire Educational Psychology Service.


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