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Services for Young Children

Working as a community nursery nurse

What is a community nursery nurse?

Community nursery nurses work with families and children (usually from birth to age eight) within community nursing, health visiting and family support teams. They use their specialist knowledge of children’s health needs to support parents and boost the child's development through play.

As a community nursery nurse, you would usually work closely with a health visitor to assess a family’s care needs. You would then work independently with the family, following an agreed care or play plan. Your clients could include:

What could I be doing?

Your duties could include:

You may also work with a health visitor to run health promotions workshops on issues such as:

You would work in a variety of community settings, such as the client’s own home, clinics, community centres or GP’s surgeries.

You may work with families experiencing emotional distress, such as domestic violence, and other difficult situations like bereavement. You would need to be prepared for dealing with challenging situations such as verbal aggression and parents who are uncooperative.

What qualifications and experience do I need?

To work as a community nursery nurse, you will need:


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