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Services for Young Children

Working as a hospital play specialist

What is a hospital play specialist?

Hospital play specialists plan and supervise activities with children in hospital to help them express their feelings through play as a means of communication. They encourage children to develop their creative skills to show their thoughts and worries relating to hospital.

What will I be doing?

Play specialists work with children of all ages. Their work includes:

You will need to study for  the Level 4 Professional Diploma in Specialised Play for Sick Children and Young People. In order to be eligible for this course you will need:

It is possible to begin working in this area as a hospital play assistant and with experience and further training progress into the role of play specialist. Play assistants are required to have experience and a qualification in a relevant field.

How do I find out more?

Find out more about working as a hospital play specialist and search for jobs on the NHS website.  


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