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Services for Young Children

Helping your child to learn

As a parent or carer you are able to help influence the way your child learns starting when they are born and taking place in the home.

Here are some ideas on how as a parent you can do this:

Hampshire Library Service

Services for Young Children works in partnership with the Hampshire Library Service to provide resources to families to help facilitate learning.

The Library Service website provides a range of services and activities for all the family; the ‘Children and Families’ section is particularly good:

Learning outside the home

A child can learn anywhere if their interest is captivated. When you are out and about as a family look out for learning opportunities as there are plenty! For ideas of what to do and where to go, see:

Early years learning

Further information regarding helping your child to learn is available from

Families in the Foundation Years website provides information for all families in England with children under the age of 5.


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