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Services for Young Children

Helping your child to learn

As a parent or carer you are able to help influence the way your child learns starting when they are born and taking place in the home. This is often referred to as the Home Learning Environment.

Research tells us that if you involve your child in the following 7 key activities then the benefits to your child will be:

Here are some ideas on how as a parent you can support activities:

... And as a result your child will do well at school.

Did you know?

1. If you and your child know 8 nursery rhymes then your child will be prepared for reading.

2. If you ask your child a question you should give them 10 seconds to reply as they need this time to think!

3. Singing with your child releases 'happy hormones'.


'Come rain or shine' ... explore your neighbourhood with your child. Not only is it healthy (and pets can get walks too!); the experience of all weathers encourages a range of activities (jumping in puddles, collecting leaves, making a snowman, etc) and conversations. Lots of talking is good!

Parents Early Education Partnership (PEEP)

You might want to take a peek at 'PEEP' - the Parents Early Education Partnership.

PEEP is all about children and parents learning together. For details of courses running near you, visit your local children's centre.

As a parent it is what you do with your child that makes the difference.


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