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Services for Young Children

Childcare Market and Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

Quarterly childcare market updates by district council

Services for Young Children produce quarterly childcare market updates. These reports are written by the Childcare Development and Business Officer for each of the localities and provide information about changes in the childcare market as follows:

Data is provided by part-post code and ward area where possible.

Copies of the quarterly updates can be viewed by using the local district links below. Please contact your local Childcare Development and Business Officer if you require any further information.

Initial Childcare Suffiiciency Assessment - March 2008

From April 2008 all local authorities have a new legislative duty to secure sufficient childcare for all parents who chose to use it in their area. As part of this all local authorities have undertaken a "childcare sufficiency assessment" which maps the supply of childcare and assesses the demand. The assessment documents below are provided in three sections:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Hampshire County Assessment
  3. Local Boroughs and District Reports
We are always interested to receive feedback after you have read the assessment report(s):
  1. Executive Summary Microsoft Word 236kb
  2. Full Report Microsoft Word 2mb


Borough and District reports March 2008


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