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Services for Young Children

Early Years Education Funding

By claiming early years education funding you are agreeing to the EYE Terms and Conditions version dated 1 September 2017  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 625kB.

To claim Early Years Education, use the new Provider Portal.

Guidance for submitting claims using the Provider Portal: Provider Portal Guidance Microsoft Word 6MB.

Guidance for submitting Headcount amendment claims via the Portal: Amendment Provider Portal Guidance Microsoft Word 1MB.

Guidance is now available for checking the 30 hour eligibility end dates and grace period end dates for spring 2018 funding using the expiration dashboard.

EYE Headcount Tasks

There will be an adjustment headcount task which will be issued on Thursday 1 February 2018. The deadline for submission is midnight on Tuesday 6 February 2018.

Providing we have received a complete and correct claim, payments will be made by Wednesday 28 February 2018.

If you do not submit your headcount claim by 6 February 2018 we will not be able to make a payment to you by 28 February 2018.

All funding EYE claims must be supported by a Parent Declaration Form.

See EYE and EYPP forms and guidance section on the right hand side of this page for the latest version of the Parent Declaration Form.

For more information about the hours that you can claim during funding periods see Headcount important dates and deadlines Microsoft Word 44kB.

Early Years Census – 15 to 19 January 2018

Guidance for 2018 census establishment data collection survey  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 229kB

Prepare for the Early Years Census. Ensure that all parents of eligible children in the spring term have completed their Parent Declaration Form before the end of December.

Complete the Early Years Census – all children that are eligible for funding and have been claimed for in the spring term MUST be included in the return.

Delivering EYE funding

EYE funding can be delivered as a ‘standard’ offer of 15 hours over 38 weeks, or as a ‘stretched’ offer of more than 38 weeks and up to 52 weeks with fewer hours per week, e.g. 11 hours x 52 weeks or 12 hours x 47 weeks.

Working out how many hours you can claim

Tool to help calculate your claim - standard Microsoft Excel 18kB and stretched Microsoft Excel 17kB.

Speak to your local Childcare Development and Business Officer to discuss your individual business needs.

Two year old claims

You are responsible for ensuring that 2 year old claims are only made for eligible children. Parents must provide you with evidence of eligibility usually through a reference number. Details on how you secure information on the eligibility of children from another local authority area can be found in the following document: Cross Border Information

Check Hampshire eligibility references issued

Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) for EYE eligible 3 and 4 year olds

The Parent Declaration Form, section 4 has all the details you need to make an EYPP claim. When entering your headcount claim you need to include the details for the parent/carer when adding a new child; or for an existing child by updating previously entered information. The EYPP supplement claimed will be added to the payment made for any children found to be eligible.

Further information about the Early Years Pupil Premium.

Extended entitlement (‘30 Hours Childcare’) claims

Before completing the headcount for the extended offer providers need to ensure that all eligibility codes from parents have been validated in time for the funded hours to start. See How to run 30 hour eligibility checks and how to use the Expiration Dashboard.

Once the codes have been validated the additional hours can be claimed for in the same way as for the universal entitlement.

Preparation timetable for 30 hours claims  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 146kB

Managing the summer funding period deadline for 30 Hours codes

In order to support parents to access the extended entitlement for their child from April 2018 who applied by the 31 March deadline but received a 30 Hours code in the period 1 to 23 April, the following guidance has been provided by the Government:

If you have any queries about your EYE funding claim please contact the Information Support team at or 01962 847070, or contact your SfYC local office.


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