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Services for Young Children

Early Years National Funding Formula (EYNFF)

EYNFF 2018/19

Spring 2018 EYNFF data collection to set April 2018 funding rates

All providers registered to claim Early Years Education funding must complete the survey with the details required to set their funding rate for April 2018. Providers who do not submit their data by this date will default to a minimum rate until the information to calculate their flexibility and quality supplements is provided.

This survey must be completed and submitted by Wednesday 31 January 2018.

You will be notified of your funding rate by 1 March 2018 and you will be provided with an estimated budget for the year 2018/19 by 31 March 2018. Failure to submit the survey by the deadline will delay the notification of your April 2018 funding rate.

EYFF 2017/18

The DfE has published its Early Years National Funding Formula (EYNFF) Guidance in December 2016. From April 2017 the basis of calculation reflects the outcome of the Hampshire December 2016 consultation with providers on the EYNFF.

EYNFF 2017/18 basis of calculation  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 200kB

Further information about the Early Years National Funding Formula

How Providers will receive the Deprivation Funding

It is important for settings to provide correct postcodes for children for whom they are claiming, which must be clearly entered on to the headcount returns. This will be used to work out how much deprivation funding will be paid against each child’s claimed attendance. The deprivation amount will be added to your headcount claim and paid in the usual way.

The Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI) tool will be used to allocate funding as it uses the postcode of each child. At the beginning of the following term you will be sent a notification of the amount of the IDACI payment. Please do not phone for these details before this notification.

The rates per child can be found on the following link:

Early Years National Funding Formula banding values 2017/18

If you are unsure of a child’s postcode then you can check this through the Royal Mail post code finder. Royal Mail Postcode Finder.

EYSFF 2015/16

There is no change to the Early Years Single Funding Formula for 2015/16.

EYSFF 2014/15

EYSFF 2014/15 basis of calculation

The Early Years Single Funding Formula (EYSFF) sets the hourly rate of payment for providing early years education. The rate is determined separately for each registered provider based on the information about the services they provide. Once the rate has been calculated and set, it is in place from the beginning of the financial year for the whole of the year.


Mid/late March

The value of the base rate and the funding bands for each of the elements is set and published on this website.

By 31 March

Each registered provider is formally notified of their funding bandings and the hourly rate that will be paid to them with an indicative budget for the whole financial year (starting on 1 April).


Useful downloads

EYSFF staff quality calculator Microsoft Excel 19kB

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