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Services for Young Children

Children in Care (CiC)

Who are children in care?

Children in care can live in their own home, in a foster placement with a foster carer, in a foster placement with a family member or relative or in a local authority home

Why do children become looked after?

A child can become looked after by their local authority for many different reasons. Some children just need some time away from home or they might be awaiting adoption. Some will have experienced neglect, trauma, abuse or pain. Some have parents with poor mental health, a history of substance misuse, domestic abuse. Some may have suffered non accidental injuries. For further information including PEP guidance and forms, please visit the Hampshire Virtual School for CiC

Policy guidance for putting together a Children in care policy in the setting

Clearly identify designated person responsible for Children in care within the setting – could be incorporated into LPS role

Funding for Children in Care


Following the requirement from the government for Local Authorities to implement the Early Years Funding Formula, Hampshire County Council has carried out a county wide consultation with regards to the funding of early years providers.

In response to the consultation results the Dedicated School Grant (DSG) Children in Care (CiC) funding of £537 per term will cease to be available from 31 March 2018. Providers are reminded that they are able to access Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) for Children in Care and continue to welcome discussions with Area Inclusion Co-ordinators with regards to the best use of this EYPP.

The last date for out of county settings to make an application for DSG CiC funding is 12 March 2018.

Further information about the Early Years Pupil Premium

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