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Children's Services

What is Participation?

Participation is the active involvement of children, young people and families in the planning, delivery and monitoring of services.

All those who work directly, or indirectly, with children or young people in Hampshire should recognise the importance of their role to integrate participation into daily practice.

How are we making it happen?

Hampshire County Council has a new Participation Strategy for children and young people. The Strategy:

Who are the Participation Team?

The Children’s Service's Participation Team is part of Youth Support Services. It consists of three Participation Officers.

The team advises and supports practitioners working with children and young people aged 0-19, including those aged 19 - 25 who are care leavers or have learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

What do the Participation Team do?

The team work to uphold the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as promoters, facilitators and advisers on participation. They provide advice to ensure that all children, young people and their families/carers are at the heart of service delivery and are regularly consulted on the planning and review of services.

This information is also available as a leaflet, which is free to download Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 266kb (Adobe PDF format)

What resources are available?

The team have a range of practical resources to support participative practice that can be adapted to suit different ages and abilities. These include:

KEEpads - an electronic voting system that enables a powerpoint presentation to become interactive and engaging, where consultation and election results can be immediately viewed. The team have 200 KEEpads available to loan. For further information please contact (Download KEEpads Poster Download Acrobat Reader to view this PDF 1mb.)

The Game - is an interactive community building exercise that enables participants to construct their own neighbourhood by choosing housing, transport, leisure activities, businesses and services whilst understanding how to spend within a specified budget. It then enables young people to examine and prioritise issues within the community.

Equality and Diversity -

Equally Yours Session 3 Microsoft Word 23kb (board game)

Transition -

all @ 6 s & 7 s is an interactive guide containing activities that will help young children learn more about themselves and identify what they can take to and offer their new school. It will also help them identify any areas that they may want to look at or think of improving before, during and after making the move from Year 6 to Year 7.

Consultation Methods

'You said - we did'- A simple and effective method of feeding back what has happened as a result of service users input.

How Politics Affects - Resources from the Electoral Commission that outline the aspects of everyday life that are effected by politics.


Useful Hampshire websites

National links / websites

  • British Youth Council - Led by young people for young people, aged 25 and under, across the UK. They connect with their community of member organisations and network of Local Youth Councils to empower young people to have a say and be heard.
  • Children's Society - disability toolkit
  • Changemakers - aim to stimulate enterprising minds, motivate active citizens and educate future leaders.
  • Children's Rights Alliance for England - children and young people can get information about children's rights and how you can try to make change happen.
  • European Youth Forum - The European Youth Forum is an international organisation established by national youth councils and international non-governmental youth organisations to represent the interests of young people from all over Europe.
  • National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) - a UK charity providing children's rights and socio-legal services.
  • UK Youth Parliament - aim to give the young people of the UK, between the age of 11 and 18 a voice, which will be heard and listened to by local and national government, providers of services for young people and other agencies who have an interest in the views and needs of young people.
  • Young NCB - Young National Children's Bureau is a group of children and young people who speak out about the important issues and decisions that affect them.

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