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Adoption in Hampshire

Intermediary Services (for birth relatives)

If your child has been adopted, it is quite natural for you to want to find out about their early life. Adoption affects other family members too and they may also, like you, want to know what has happened.

Hampshire’s adoption support team is able to help birth relatives (parents or wider family) who live in Hampshire, and who would like to know more about the children who have been adopted. If you are a birth relative living in another local authority area, you will need to contact the Adoption Support Services Team in that area. You can find your local area on

It is also natural for those who have been adopted to want to know more about their birth relatives. When the team receives an enquiry from an adopted person, they check Hampshire’s records for information, or write to the appropriate adoption agency if it was not a Hampshire adoption, to find out if there are records for the adopted person. At the same time, the team check to see if birth relatives have made an enquiry of their own or have left a veto. A veto is the right not to be traced.

If there have been no enquiries from the adopted person, the worker will discuss this with them and recommend that the birth relative joins the Adoption Contact Register.


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