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Fostering in Hampshire

About the enquiry and assessment process

Are you ready?

When you make the call to Hampshire’s Fostering team, you will be asked some basic questions that will help us understand that the time is right for you to become a foster carer. We will then arrange for you to be visited at home by a social worker. This is an opportunity for you to talk through fostering, and gives you a chance to ask detailed and specific questions, as well as have a preliminary health and safety check on your home.

Get Set!

Next, you will be asked to give us detailed information that will help us to take up the checks and references that are a necessary part of every fostering application - these will be discussed with so you understand what is needed and why. A social worker will visit your family regularly to discuss your skills and experiences. They will work with you to find out what type of fostering will suit you and your family. This “assessment” will be put into a written report, called a Form F, which outlines your suitability to foster. You will be able to read and comment on the report.

During your assessment you will be invited to join a Skills to Foster training course. This will prepare you for looking after a foster child, give you a chance to hear from established foster carers and learn more about the day to day details of fostering.


Once everyone is agreed, the Form F is submitted to an independent Panel. The panel is made up of a group of individuals who all have experience and knowledge of fostering and children. The panel are responsible for making the recommendation on who should go forward to foster, the ages they should foster and the type of fostering they can provide.

Welcome to Fostering!

When you are approved as a foster carer you will be allocated a Family Placement Social Worker who will be there to offer you support, will undertake your regular supervision and will help you, over time, to develop your skills as a foster carer.  You will be matched with a placement soon after approval.


Information stands

  • Visit us at one of our information stands to answer your questions and tell you all about Fostering with Hampshire.


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by phone: 0300 555 1384

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