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Fostering in Hampshire

Hampshire County Council’s fostering Service

There are lots of reasons to foster with Hampshire County Council’s fostering service

The main reason is the children we care for. Each has their own story and reasons for being in need of a foster carer and each has need of a committed, caring, supportive adult to look after them during this next phase in their life  Of course, the package of support, training, fostering payments, allowances and fees are also important, as they enable the foster carers to look after the children in their care to the best of their abilities.

Decision Making

If a foster placement is identified as the best option for a child, Hampshire County Council’s Family Placement service will place the child with the best match foster family for the child’s needs.  We start this process with our own foster carers, and where possible and in the best interests of the child, make placements in Hampshire, and with foster carers who we have known and trained.

Familiarity can be important to children, and where it is safe for a child to be placed locally, we will try to do this. This means a child may be able to continue to go to school and see their friends, important elements of stability during what is an emotional time.

Matching carers and children together to get the best result is a skill, and familiarity is important to help us do this. Every foster care is supported by a supervising social worker to help make sure they are supported to look after children that are placed with them, and also to support carers to develop their skills so they offer the types of care they are most interetsed in and are best suited to.

Making a Difference

As a Hampshire carer, you will be at the heart of a busy service, actively making a difference to the lives of children. Hampshire foster carers are busy people whose services are used frequently so there are few gaps between any placements which the foster carers may choose to take. Hampshire carers are also offered access to a range of local services and opportunities to support the children they look ater.

Helping carers to look after a child

Foster carers are best placed to look after children when they have the right support in place to help them. That is why we support Hampshire foster carers with:


Information stands

  • Visit us at one of our information stands to answer your questions and tell you all about Fostering with Hampshire.


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