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E-Safety in Hampshire

E-safety information for practitioners






Social media

Social media sites are constantly changing their settings and privacy policies. For the most up to date information see each site's own information pages.

Facebook (minimum age 13)

Members create a user profile, they can then create and join groups if they wish. Allows users to share photos, interests, music and comment on other profiles.

Twitter (minimum age 13)

Twitter users exchange public content in the form of 140 character messages sent from the webpage or from a user's phone. Users may have a public or private account and choose to view the message of other users. The messages are referred to as 'tweets'.

MySpace (minimum age 13)

Users create profiles, share photos, journals, music and videos. Users can choose if the content can be viewed by friends only, 18 and older, and everyone.

Bebo (minimum age 13)

Users create profiles, share music, videos and photos

Ning (minimum age 13)

Users create their own social network and can control membership and privacy.

Friendfeed (minimum age unknown)

Users share music, videos, photos and discussions through profiles and groups.

Club Penguin

A social networking site for children aged 6 to 14. This is a website that is moderated and allows parents to place their own restrictions.

Chat, instant messaging (IM), games, email, mobile

There are many sites that encorporate chat, instant messaging, games, email and mobile. As with all social media sites particular care should be given to who we befriend and trust, protecting personal details and accessing age appropriate materials.
  • Chatdanger - a site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles.


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