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Short breaks

Information for activity providers

Are you keen to offer inclusive activities?

We are working with activity providers to increase opportunities for children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs to participate in a wide range of leisure and recreation activities. These are known as short breaks which could last from a few hours, a day, evening, or a weekend activity.

Learning and Development available

See Learning and Development for details about the FREE Inclusion eLearning modules available for both specialist and mainstream activity providers as well as the range of workshops on offer.  

Inclusion Resource Pack

Check out the Inclusion Resource Pack and the Inclusion in Action DVD for tips and suggestions to support your setting in becoming even more inclusive for children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs.

Parent Voice

Parent Voice are able to assist with promoting inclusive activities and increasing choice for disabled children and young people. You can contact the team on 0300 303 8603 or at

Funding available

See funding application forms and guidance notes for details about the funding available.

Providers forums and frequently asked questions

We held our most recent Providers Forum on 16 September 2013, the presentation Microsoft PowerPoint 2MB is available from this event and the’ Top Tips Microsoft Word 654kB’ suggested by providers attending the event.

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions by providers of Short Breaks at an earlier event.

The Previous Forum in May 2013 covered the topics of Safeguarding in Short Breaks activities Microsoft PowerPoint 937kB; The Role of the LADO Microsoft PowerPoint 120kB; Financial Hardship for families Microsoft PowerPoint 5MB; and Hampshire Gateway/Training updates Microsoft PowerPoint 2MB. Providers also discussed ideas to support families in Financial Hardship  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 391kB.

For further information on previous Provider Forums please see the slides from this event Microsoft PowerPoint 7MB.

How can we help you promote the range of activities you have available?

We are keen to advertise information about all Activity Providers and Activities that actively welcome children and young people with disabilities. See Promoting your short breaks activities for details.


Gateway Card

Information for activity providers about the Gateway Card

Resources available

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