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Short breaks

Introducing the Gateway Card to activity providers

gateway card

From 1 April 2012, all children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs will be required to register for a Gateway Card if they would like to use any of the activities funded through Hampshire County Council's short breaks programme.

We are encouraging families to register for their Gateway Cards, and we would appreciate your help in promoting the card to the families that you work with.

The Gateway card is a free and can be used by families to identify that a child has a disability and/or additional needs and may require support to access activities. Each card will have the child’s name and a unique number.

The benefits of the Gateway Card for activity providers

The benefits of the Gateway Card for families

The Gateway Card provides an easier more comfortable way to identify to an activity provider that a child or young person has a disability and/or additional needs. as well as:

Who can apply for a Gateway Card?

The Gateway card is for children and young people who:

Registering for a Gateway Card

If you would like hard copies of the Gateway Card leaflet which includes a registration form to provide to families, please contact us at the details below (quoting the quantity required, contact name and postal address for them to be sent to).

More information

To find out more about short breaks and the Gateway Card, email or call 01962 846399.


Gateway Card

Register for a Gateway Card for access to activities, play schemes and buddy schemes available through our short breaks programme.

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