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Short breaks

Learning and Development

Learning and Development available

As part of the Short Breaks programme we are keen to support both specialist and mainstream activity providers to further develop their skills to work with disabled children and young people. Parents and carers may want to access some of the training available too.

Autism eLearning module available for FREE:

Check out the FREE Autism Awareness e-learning module. The module takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete and provides an introduction to the topic of Autism and Asperger Syndrome. This course has been produced in partnership by the SHIP autism workforce development and training group (Southampton; Hampshire; Isle of Wight and Portsmouth's Health and Social Care Authorities and Hampshire Autistic Society).

Inclusion Resource Pack

Check out the Inclusion Resource Pack and the Inclusion in Action DVD for tips and suggestions to support your setting in becoming even more inclusive for children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs. To request your FREE copy (if you are a Hampshire activity provider) email

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Important Update re KIDs eLearning!

Hampshire activity providers and parents/carers have been able to access a variety of eLearning modules for FREE. KIDs have recently upgraded their system and have changed how things work. We have had a number of people experiencing problems accessing the new system and we are working with KIDs to get things sorted. The newly updated modules look great so once things are sorted with logins etc this will be even better than it was before. In the meantime we will not be setting up any new Learners or eManagers until changes have been made and the system is working more effectively.

If you have an existing login you can still go to KIDs new eLearning website for updates and to log on. If you have any feedback about the updated site then please email details to so that we can share this with the team at KIDs too.

We will post updates as progress is made and access improves again.

Other training requests

If you have ideas for inclusion training that you would like to have available then please email the Recreational Activities Inclusion Officer (for Disabled Children and Young People)  


Inclusion Workshops available:

A variety of interactive workshops are available to support activity providers to be even more inclusive. These have been subsidised through the Short Breaks programme.

Wendy Lawson Autism Workshops: Would you like to understand autism even better?

Wendy Lawson is presenting two different workshops on autism

Daytime workshop (10.30am - 2pm): Managing anxiety & stress in autism spectrum conditions

Evening workshop (7.00pm – 10.00pm): The Passionate Mind, how people with autism learn

When: Friday 9 May 2014

Where: The Berry Theatre
Wildern Lane, Hedge End
Southampton, Hampshire
SO30 4EJ

Who: These workshops are primarily for Hampshire recreation and leisure activity providers and parents/carers.

Price per workshop:

Hampshire parents and carers: £7 per person

Hampshire activity providers (and all others):£15 per person standard price. £10 per person for voluntary organisations or for those that work on a voluntary basis.

Please see the attached Information flyer Microsoft Word 3MB for full details.

To book your places go to the online Hantsweb Shop: Daytime workshop, Evening workshop

Joining Instructions: Please read the Joining Instructions Microsoft Word 2MB before coming to the workshop.

Feedback from other workshops Wendy has done:

Listening to Wendy speak with such detail and humour about her condition was a revelation. It gave me a real insight into how my son sees the world, and how I could support him to navigate the complex society we live in. My son’s future had largely been written off, but seeing the success Wendy has made of her life, gave me hope for the first time. Parent, Hampshire

Wendy has a wonderful way of helping others to understand the world from the perspective of someone with autism. Her warm sense of humour just made her so easy to listen to. Wendy’s ideas were really practical – so logical too! Such a great workshop. Activity provider, Hampshire

For booking queries please email The Admin Team at  or phone on 01962 845178.

Other training requests

If you have ideas for training that you would like to have available in your local area email the Recreational Activities Inclusion Officer (for Disabled Children and Young People)


Inspiring Inclusion Conference 2014 - PowerPoint presentations and workshop handouts

In March 2014 180 people attended the Inspiring Inclusion Conference. Please find presentations and handouts from the day below. These are a great way to find out more about what was covered across the day.

Keynote speaker: Philip Douch: Inclusion - some knotty questions Microsoft Word 46kB


Wendy Lawson Autism Workshops

Please see below the PowerPoint presentations and links to uTube clips used during the workshops. These are great to share with others that you know and work with too.

Daytime workshop: The Passionate Mind, how people with autism learn

Dr. Wendy Lawson MAPS; BPS, an adult with high functioning autism, presents internationally and is well published. Having written numerous papers and books, (varying from her autobiography to an everyday text on Autism) Wendy explores the influence of individual neurological development with reference to impact upon learning styles.

Wendy’s workshops are research based and focus upon building bridges between the neurologically typical (NT) and autism spectrum (AS) worlds. Relationships; formal, informal, familiar or otherwise, all need to be negotiated. Typically, developing individuals seem to have little difficulty with communicating needs, wants and desires. Being AS however, means we understand the world differently. This implies a clash in the social arena. Social demand and interaction for AS individuals is a nightmare.

The Passionate Mind Autism PowerPoint presentation Microsoft PowerPoint 6MB

Evening workshop: Understanding challenging behaviour of children with Autism Spectrum

  • Explore ways to encourage communication for individuals with autism spectrum conditions (ASC).

  • Suggest supportive interventions and environments that may help in ASC.

  • Show how the above can lead to success in ASC and enable individuals with ASC to feel good about who they are.

Understanding challenging behaviour of children with AS PowerPoint presentation Microsoft PowerPoint 7MB

uTube clips shown across the two presentations:

Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory TV programme
60mns First Words
Carly (short  version)
Carly (10 minute version that Wendy  showed)

Share them with others: The above clips are an excellent way to raise awareness and get people thinking differently. So you could share them in a staff meeting, with friends and family.

For more information also see Wendy Lawson’s webpage.

Inspiring Inclusion Conference 2013 - PowerPoint presentations and workshop handouts

In April 2013 over 180 people attended the Inspiring Inclusion Conference. Please find presentations and handouts from the day below. These are a great way to find out more about what was covered across the day.

Keynote speaker: Rob Long - Aim to achieve, Aim to Achieve Keynote Presentation  Download Adobe Reader to view this PDF 4MB, Inspiring Inclusion Aim to achieve 2013 handout Microsoft PowerPoint 122kB


The following workshops do not have any handouts that we can send out but please see the websites for more information:


Uses and benefits of visual stories

Visual stories are short descriptions of a particular situation, event or activity, which include specific information about what to expect in that situation and why.  

Visual stories have a huge range of applications, including:

  • to help a person with autism to understand how others might behave or respond in a particular situation, and therefore how they might be expected to behave
  • to help others understand the perspective of a person with autism and why they may respond or behave in a particular way
  • to help a person to cope with changes to routine and unexpected or distressing events (eg absence of a tutor, moving house, thunderstorms)

For more information about visual stories (also sometimes known as social stories) and how to write one go to the National Autistic Society (NAS) webpage.

Examples of visual stories

More and more recreation and leisure activity providers are writing visual stories to help people understand how things work at their setting. These are added to websites and can be sent out to people in advance. They are another great way to highlight inclusion at your setting. See the following visual stories to help give you ideas for what you might include in the ones you write:



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