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Short breaks

Our short breaks programme

Short breaks

What are short breaks?

Our short breaks programme will:

Short breaks come in all shapes and sizes, lasting from a few hours to a day or an evening, and provide a positive experience for all. They could:

Who are short breaks for?

Short breaks are for children and young people who:

Will we be charged for short breaks?

Some activities and services have a cost which you would expect to pay whether a child is disabled or non-disabled - families are expected to pay these costs. The additional support you may require will be funded through the short breaks programme.

How do we access short breaks?

You can book places at an activity or play scheme directly with the provider. To help with the booking process, we have introduced the Gateway Card which is used to identify that your child or young person has a disability and/or additional needs and may require support. The card is free and will reduce the many funding forms that families have completed in the past at each activity. Find out more at

What types of short breaks can we access?

There are lots of short breaks activities that you can access.

How do we find out about short breaks


Gateway Card

Register for a Gateway Card for access to activities, play schemes and buddy schemes available through our short breaks programme.

Parent participation

  • Parent Voice - a network of parents and carers of children and young people with disabilities and/or additional needs to provide you with information and advice.

Short breaks leaflet

You can download this information as a leaflet.

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