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Children's Services

Hearing Impairment

The criteria for the involvement of the Specialist Teacher Advisory Service for children with a hearing impairment are:

Children or young people with a confirmed hearing impairment are referred to our service by hospital audiology departments

In the event of concern about a child’s hearing contact should be made with a local GP or school nurse who will make a referral to audiology for testing.

The Specialist Teacher Adviser for Hearing Impairment works closely with:

Child with a cochlear implant

Support for babies and pre-schoolers from the Specialist Teacher Adviser may include all or some of the following as appropriate:

Once the child or young person with an identified hearing impairment is at school the Specialist Teacher Adviser can support by:

As the young person prepares for transition to post 16 provision the Specialist Teacher Adviser can offer support by:

Useful links

National Deaf Children's Society

Royal National Institute for the Deaf

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