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Children's Services

Visual Impairment

The Specialist Teacher Advisory Service for children with a visual impairment consists of:

The criteria for involvement from our service are:

Children or young people with a visual impairment may be referred by:

The Specialist Teacher Adviser may work closely with:

For pre-school children the Specialist Teacher Adviser can provide:

Once the child or young person with an identified visual impairment is at school the Specialist Teacher Adviser can provide support by:

The Specialist Teacher Adviser will continue to support young people up to the age of 25 (if they are still in further education) by:

The role of the Paediatric Rehabilitation Officer for the Visually Impaired (PROVI) is to:

(Referral to the PROVI is made by the relevant teacher adviser, VI)

Useful links


National Blind Children's Society

Action for Blind People

Hampshire has 3 schools with a resourced provision for visual impairment. These are:

Secondary - Toynbee Secondary School

Primary - Great Binfields Primary School, Basingstoke and Kings Copse Primary School, Hedge End

Please contact the school directly for further information.

Partially Sighted Society

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