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Energy and Climate Change

Demonstrating Climate Commitment – Climate Local

Hampshire County Council was one of the first councils in England, to agree to sign up to the 'Climate Local' Commitment, launched by the Local Government Association.

Climate Local encourages councils to commit to local action to reduce carbon emissions, and improve their ability to protect people and services from the anticipated effects of climate change.

By publishing their commitments councils show they are willing to address the impacts of a changing climate and to build on existing achievements.

The initiative supports Hampshire County Council's current aims of reducing its carbon footprint, improving Hampshire's resilience to future extreme weather, assuring its energy supplies and reducing its energy costs. The actions it has published showcase the wide range of innovative projects it is currently undertaking and include:

Each year the County Council also reports on the progress of previous commitments. The current progress report document can be found below.

Hampshire County Council has worked with public sector partners across Hampshire to produce a joint Hampshire Climate Local document. This includes commitments from 13 organisations across Hampshire which aim to drive, inspire and support action on climate change through reducing carbon emissions and increasing resilience to a changing climate. The new Hampshire Climate Local document can be found below.


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